Major Update! 20 New Levels!

Since the #bearjam 2017 I've been working in a full version of Jetpack Bear and finally I'm releasing a new update with a lot of new stuff.

This version of the game brings 20 brand new levels, new enemies and scenarios, power-ups, and a lot of more challanges! Check it out the new features:

The Level Design

  • All the existing levels has been reshaped and new ones has been created, resulting in a total of 20 brand new levels.
  • Created new scenarios

New Enemies

  • Added new types os bees, with different behaviors and movement patterns
  • Added a plant who shoots projectiles
  • Added a flytrap plant who devours the bear

Coins and Power-Up

  • Added colletable coins. They can be used to buy in-game items

  • Added a store screen to buy power-ups

  • Shield power-up: Gives extra protection
  • Magnet power-up: Attaches a magnet at the jetpack to attract coins


The texts of the game can now have multiple languages. The language will be detected based on the player's system. For now, it supports English and Brazilian Portuguese.
In the future more languages will be added.


New musics and sound effects has been added to the game

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